Using the Hosting Control Panel, it will be easy to supervise all aspects of your Internet presence. You will have access to in–depth stats, which will offer you live information on the hosting resources your sites are utilizing along with the views they’re having. You will also find numerous relevant information about the hosting servers as a whole. The info is divided into sections, which enables you to quickly find your path around.

Server Info

Examine the hosting server’s Operating System, IP address, etcetera.

In the Statistics Manager part of the Hosting Control Panel, you’ll get live info about the server including the Operating System that is utilized or even the physical IP address of your account. Additionally, you will discover useful information for your web design projects including the present versions of PHP, MySQL and Perl, and also the mounted Perl modules. Mail server information such as sendmail path as well as the inbound and outbound emaill servers is also provided.

The whole set of hosting server info is delivered in an easy–to–read manner so that you can locate the information you need.

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Access & Error Records

Learn how customers interact with your web site

In the Access & Error Logs section of the WeData Storge Hosting Control Panel, you’ll be able to start and monitor the access and error logs for your sites accommodated in your Linux shared website hosting account. The access log is a report on all of the files submitted on your web page (including text files, image files, video files, and so forth) that readers have requested to look at.

The error log can be described as a number of all of the cautionary and error notifications relating to your web site. It will help you avoid any potential issues with the web site’s operation.

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Web Traffic Statistics

Explore the traffic to your web site in great detail

With the web statistics instruments built into the WeData Storge Hosting Control Panel, you’re able to keep tabs on the visitors on your web site in the finest detail. You can select in between two well–liked statistics tools – Webalizer and Awstats, both of which make available to you detailed information about the visitors to your web site along with the website content they check out on a day–to–day, weekly and monthly base.

There’s no need to configure anything beforehand to have site traffic info for your websites. Within the Website Traffic Reports section of the Hosting Control Panel, just simply open the stats report for any particular website and view the facts you need for your marketing and advertising campaigns.

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CPU Statistics

Track your web sites’ server load

The CPU stats bundled within your Hosting Control Panel will provide you with real time information of the server load that is produced in your account from your scripts, data base calls, etc. Hence, the more dynamic and complex your website is, the more hosting server allocations it may need to be operating smoothly.

The server load information is brought to you within an easy–to–read manner and offers you info on the server load accumulated per day, per month or per year. This accurate info will help keep you informed on the hosting server power usage at any given moment and can help you to stop your websites from moving offline because of web server overload (reached CPU consumption restrictions).

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