The disk space feature shows the full capacity of information that you're able to have on a shared website hosting server at any time. With a personal computer, for instance, this is the size of your hard drive or the total size of all hard disk drives in case that the PC has more than 1. The same way that your space on a PC is divided between installed software programs, documents, music files etcetera, the server hard disk space is normally divided between site files, databases and emails. Each file, folder or email message takes some disk space on the server, and that means you should take into account a variety of factors, not only the size of the files that you will upload. For instance, having large email attachments or running a script-driven site where the user-generated content material is saved in a database may also affect the hdd space you are using.
Disk Space in Shared Website Hosting
We have created our Linux shared website hosting with the idea that the hdd storage won't be a problem for your sites. While many hosting companies create accounts using one server, and in fact, the most popular Control Panels are designed to work solely on this type of platform, we have taken an alternative strategy. We have clusters of servers that control every element of the website hosting service, which means that your files will be stored on a single cluster, your email on a different one,your databases on a third one, etcetera. On this cloud platform we achieve two things - the hard drive space is virtually endless for the reason that we can install as many servers and hard disk drives to our clusters as needed, and we improve the efficiency of every machine because only one type of processes will operate on it. This tailor-made setup will enable you to expand your sites as you see fit without having to worry about running out of hard disk storage.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting
If you buy a semi-dedicated server plan from us, you won't have to worry about the hdd space that you're able to use because of the simple reason that the feature is limitless. Unlike numerous other web hosting suppliers who advertise a similar service, but set up accounts on just a single machine where a limited number of hard disks can be fitted, we employ a revolutionary cloud platform that uses groups of servers. All your files will be kept on one cluster, the email messages on a different one, your databases on a third one and so on. This system provides two significant advantages - first, the hdd storage can never finish as we'll connect additional servers to any cluster that needs them, and second, the servers will work much more efficiently because they'll handle just a single type of processes. A semi-dedicated server plan provides you the opportunity to enhance your sites as much as you want.
Disk Space in VPS
The hard disk storage that we provide with our virtual private servers is different according to the package that you choose at the time you register. Using a more powerful server, you'll be able to conveniently manage lots of websites, which means extra content, which means that the greater the VPS plan, the more disk space you'll have available. Changing from one plan to another one takes just a few clicks and it doesn't involve any service interruption. Your website files, databases and emails will share the the entire amount of space the server contains, still if you'd like to have preset allocations, you can select cPanel or DirectAdmin for the hosting Control Panel during the ordering process. Each of the instruments will enable you to generate website hosting accounts with restricted hdd storage and if needed, even to allocate space from one existing account to another one. Using the third choice that you can find on the order page, our Hepsia Control Panel, all domains will share the storage space.
Disk Space in Dedicated Hosting
Our Linux dedicated hosting feature multiple HDDs so as to suit the computing power you'll get, therefore you'll never have to worry about running out of hdd space. The HDDs can function in RAID, this means that a drive can be a mirror of another to guarantee that your data will always be backed up, or it can be used separately for even greater complete storage capability. Hundreds of gigabytes of hdd storage space will be at your disposal all the time, so that you'll be able to run huge websites, upload big files or even duplicate your individual archive. As a dedicated server is definitely the most powerful type of web hosting, you will be able to upload/download files with very fast speeds. When necessary, we also provide the option to include more hard drives and make use of even additional space for your data. We supply three hosting Control Panels with the dedicated servers - with Hepsia, all domain names will share the full server space and they will be managed in a single place, whereas with DirectAdmin and cPanel you will have the option to make individual website hosting accounts with certain disk space allocations for every domain name hosted on the server.